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Terms & Conditions


Bookings are deemed to be placed at the. Bookings may also be made by calling the site phone and speaking to the supervisor. Payment is made using cash or Credit/Debit card (Subject to availability). Autocare reserves the right to cancel or restrict bookings subject to availability


Some Prices are listed on our website, call us to know prices for other services. We reserve the right to change pricing without prior notice.


Payment needs to be made at the store at the price agreed before service is provided. Any amount unpaid will result in us retaining your vehicle and not releasing it until you have made payment in full to us. Your vehicle will remain with us, at your risk, until any such late payment is received.


We will perform the services selected by you with all reasonable skill and care. Whilst Autocare shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that its staff or agents shall take reasonable care of the vehicle whilst in its custody (including without limitation where the vehicle is washed and cleaned), the company shall not be liable for:

  • Damage to, loss of the vehicle or any part of it, or any of its accessories or any of its content and/or

  • Damage to any other property, arising from, or in connection with the company’s custody of the vehicle

  • Where such liability is proved to arise, and only to the extent it is proven to arise, as a result of negligence, a criminal act or breach of statutory duty on the part of the company or its staff or agent

  • In addition, Autocare accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage, however caused, resulting from or in connection with the seizure of the vehicle by the police or any person lawfully authorised to do so.

  • The staff or agents of the company have no authority to accept any valuables or other articles for safe custody and the Company will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any such articles which a customer purports to leave in the safe custody or keeping of the company, its staff or agents.

  • Customers are requested to deposit their valuables in a safe deposit box or other secure place prior to leaving the vehicle in Autocare custody. 

5. Pick up & drop service

We recommend you to visit the store as a top preference. We do not take any responsibility and are not liable for any loss or damage during, before or after a pick-up and drop service


You must disclose to us all defects, damage, or weakness in your vehicle, known or suspected by you, which may be affected by the services prior to our commencing with the cleaning process. We do not undertake to insure your vehicle against loss while it is in our possession. Insurance of your vehicle is at all times your responsibility. Any complaints about our work cannot be considered unless reported prior to departing the car park. You will be liable to us for any death, injury or damage suffered by us or our staff attributable to any defect in your vehicle or any harmful contents. It should be noted that cleaning products can be slippery and extreme caution should be exercised when collecting your vehicle.

We accept no liability whatsoever for loss or damage caused as a consequence of failing to heed this warning. Old or non original paintwork can be damaged in the cleaning process. All such defects shall be indicated to our staff prior to commencement of the cleaning process. Child seats and booster seats must be refitted by you. We will not be able to refit seats under any circumstances. You confirm that you have a spare set of keys for the vehicle and that we shall not be liable for loss or damage caused to you or the vehicle by our losing the keys or locking them in the vehicle. Older cars may have weaker plastics and we agree to provide the services at your risk in respect of vehicles over 3 years old.


Our determination of the size category of your vehicle with regard to the price list shall be final and binding


Any payment information provided to us, will only be used by us and will not be distributed or given to any other organization.



The vehicle wash service selected by you, from those offered by us only.


The customer, we make the agreement with, including any persons we reasonably believe is acting with the customer’s authority or knowledge.


Any amount paid under Expression of Interest or Letter of Intent once paid will not be refunded in any circumstance. Client need to sign Agreement with in 30 to 60 days after executing the LoI. Letter of intent signifies the client received all the marketing, operational and financial knowledge from Liv India on franchise setup. 

Property: Maximum 3 properties will be offered upon LoI and where as if party/client reject the properties, he/she need to sign separate EoI again. Signing the LoI signifies that client/payer understand all the terms and conditions of the LoI. In case of any dispute arise, judiciary settlement is done

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